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My printer stopped working this morning, I called Concerto Networks during lunch. They actually answered their phone after the first ring, and opened a ticket right away. Their technician John came over soon after, and got the printer working again. John saved my life! Thanks!

Innovative Commercial Building Solutions

Daniel Jones

As of today we have moved everything over to the new building with the exception of the Offices. The offices will be moving over in the next couple of weeks.

I want to thank you for your support on this. You went above and beyond what was expected, and I greatly appreciate it. The management at Ward Hill also recognizes your effort and has given you great praise.


Sr. Manager, Information Technology
Spinnaker Management Group

John Nahas

Michelle He and Gary Gray form a very viable team that has taken care of our network, VoIP service, and coordinated the introduction of new services and hardware into our operation in a timely and effective manner. Although we are a small fixed office, we are part of an overseas group which regularly sends teams of visiting executives to our US-based office. Michelle and Gary have reacted quickly to all of our capacity needs in terms of increasing the office functionality by putting VoIP phone service in, to coordinating our increase in networking capacity to meet demand.

Should you be thinking about looking for an IT partner that can add value for the services you are prepared to pay for, or - increasing your physical space or network structure, I would fully recommend that you call Michelle and Gary first so that they can provide an integrated solution. Many business owners don’t realize the complexity of today’s networking environment. They do. Gary’s hands-on IT underpinnings he learned while working in a fast-paced US Navy environment can help your firm in all aspects of providing an IT solution.

Their contribution to setting up your networking accommodations for both out-of-company guests and employees, the ability to bring in the correct hardware with an eye towards future scalability, and the securitization of your network - are the ingredients that Concerto brings to the table. I fully recommend that if you think you are saving money by bringing in key components from the least-cost vendor, you are making a mistake. It will be an environmental issue that cost both time and money to correct the mistakes. Calling them first to bring an integrated solution will be the least-cost and the most effective way to put your company on a firm IT footing.


Craig Wilkinson

Gary and his company Concerto Networks of Cy-Fair Houston has handled the design, implementation and maintenance of the IT needs for our three companies - Treasury Management Services Inc., TMS Capital Management Ltd and Treasury Management Services International (UK) since 2007.

During this period Concerto Networks of Cy-Fair Houston has assisted in our expansion from a 4 man peer to peer network to a 12 member server based operation that includes multiple offices located in several countries. In addition to handling our IT requirements ranging from design, procurement, installation & maintenance, Concerto Networks of Cy-Fair Houston has been instrumental in the selection & integration of our communications infrastructure as well as the interface with our website designers.

During the last 6 years we have found the services Concerto Networks of Cy-Fair Houston to be invaluable to the growth of our business. For the TMS Group solid IT & communications solutions are not a luxury they are a necessity. In addition to servicing some 200 high net worth clients, managing over $100,000,000.00 in client hedging programs in the currency & interest rate markets, we are a trading group that has consistently posted some the top returns in the fund to fund commodity space over the last decade.

We are a client that is demanding and will accept nothing less than a high standard of consistency & performance. Concerto Networks of Cy-Fair Houston has met these requirements through a combination of competence and personalized service. We regard them as a business partner rather than an outside vendor and recommend you consider their services for your needs.

Treasury Management Services

Colin Wood

Our business relies on security, consistency, stability, and speed. However, our existing IT solutions had been provided by a patchwork of companies who couldn’t meet all of our needs. We contacted Concerto because we knew we weren’t getting the most from our IT infrastructure. After Gary and Rob came out we saw a night-and-day difference. They upgraded our machines and our software, streamlined our network, replaced our outdated server, and ensured that everything was compatible. They even helped us select and implement a VOIP phone system, and they did all this at a competitive price. If you’re questioning your current IT provider I recommend you give Concerto a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Litigation Director
Jason Joy & Associates, PLLC

Lance Langenhoven

Gary came out to my office & sorted out all my computers... three of them and set up a network and installed new anti-virus program that was 1000% better than Norton (which just slowed my machine down!). Thanks Gary... great job!

The Oscar Group, a Keller Williams team

Steve Durham

I have worked with many IT professionals at my company....and never been satisfied with any of them until Gary was recommended and subsequently contracted to provide all IT support. His integrity and attention to the needs of my company are second to none!!

EnviroCon Termite & Pest, Inc.

Dave Mann

I just wanted to thank you for the great support and service over the last week. I appreciate your courteousness, helpfulness, and responsiveness to my issues. John was absolutely great to work with. He is patient, helpful, and very knowledgeable. He made this entire ordeal much easier for me to deal with. Thank you again. I appreciate you guys.

Rapid Recovery of Houston

For those on the board who may not know who Gary is:
Gary is the franchise owner of Concerto Networks of Cy-Fair Houston, Inc.
and he was not only instrumental in helping us transfer our website to Concerto Networks when we needed an SQL database back in Jan 2007 but he has also paid for it and our domain registration every year since. If you want to know more about Gary click on the Concerto Networks icon on the left side of every page of the web site or visit www.concerto-houston.com/

I know I say this every year Gary but as we continue to grow as an organization we realize more and more the importance of those who continue to support us financially and otherwise so we can continue to provide the services we provide to others in need. Therefore, let me say from the board of directors, myself and all the patients who have been helped by the Houston Ground Angels GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU!

Houston Ground Angels

Roy Wooten

As the Executive Director of a growing grassroots nonprofit charity, I do my best to focus every donor dollar toward helping hurting hearts heal and changing futures. I heavily rely upon volunteers and gift in kind donations for our technology needs. With the help of a new volunteer we had taken a donated server and connected it to our desktops, wifi and printers. But the fail rate was 100% and always when our volunteer was out of town. On the third day of none of our five computers being able to print or “talk” to each other, I came to Gary begging for his help. He offered to come see what was going on, and in a matter of less than an hour, he and John were able to get our entire office back communicating and printing again. Gary Gray is a hero to our volunteers and staff! Gary made our office technology run smoothly so that our counselors and volunteers can focus on making a difference in the lives of victims of abuse, children who are victims of crimes and human trafficking victims.

Thank you so much Concerto Networks and Gary Gray for helping us heal hurting hearts!

Executive Director
Shield-Bearer Counseling Centers

Lloyd Culp

In the past we have worked with technology service providers that did not take the time to listen and get to know our business. I knew Gary Gray - our Concerto Networks solution provider, through Cy-Fair Rotary Club. Gary took the time and care to understand our law office’s needs and business objectives and made suggestions for business solutions based on those observations. He built us a new server, and moved our phone to VoIP. He also provided data backup and anti-virus solutions. As one of Concerto Networks’ many legal clients, I feel that they truly understand the unique technology needs of law offices. Concerto Networks gives us an unparalleled level of service and support. Gary’s expertise and knowledge along with his focus on helping us grow our business, gives us peace of mind in knowing that our technology is in good hands. We really feel like Gary is part of our team and value his high caliber support!

Attorney at Law
Culp and Little Law Firm

Paul Shouse

I used to take care of my own office technology. If I had a computer issue, I called a computer guy my father used. In 2006, I was referred to Gary Gray from Concerto Networks. I’ve been very happy with Concerto and previously I did not have an ongoing relationship with an IT support company.

US Lawns of North Houston

Dr. Syed H. Reza

Our internet went down on Monday morning. We called different IT companies, with no response. On Tuesday afternoon, I called Concerto Networks. Gary came to our office in one hour, and got our network back up and running in less than an hour. You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for saving us!

Neurology Clinic

Russell Little

My firm has used Concerto Networks for at least five years. I wouldn’t use anyone else. When we need new equipment, they are there with accurate and truly honest help. When something malfunctions, and something will eventually, they responded immediately to our urgent calls. I truly recommend Concerto Networks and I bet you’ll be happy if you choose them.

Attorney at Law
Russell Little Law